Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Bare Faced Cheek

Back again. I've been struggling to come up with good topics to cover in my blog recently, as I have said before, it's pretty tough to write random b*llox on a daily basis.

I'm a little hot headed (to say the least), and my friends would probably all confirm that I can be known to rant on occasion. Therefore it seems to be easier for me to write stuff when I have been annoyed by something, hence I am back. The BBC site is really winding me up today!!

An article titled "EU commissioner slams holidays" in the Business section talks about a leading EU Commissioner and her proposals to try and improve the European economy during the summer. The article says

The European Commission has been trying to get countries to cut back red tape and consider reducing worker and social benefits, so as to compete better with emerging overseas economies such as China - a goal shared by Britain who holds the EU Presidency until January."

Basically, they are trying to stop people from taking so much time off in the summer months and force economies to stagger the times at which they allow a lot of workers to take time off. My thoughts....bullshit. What a load of crap.

We get f*ck all time off as it is, and if I want to take my time off in August and go to Spain when it's f*cking hot...then I f*cking will!!! I don't care what some stuck up EU Commissioner sitting on a £100,000 a year salary thinks, the people of this country deserve the right to have a break from work when they see fit. No company allows their entire workforce off at the same time anyway, apart from Nokia (I think), and that's enough restriction for me!

The article ends with a great statistic that sums up exactly how bullshit the argument is

Members of the House of Commons took no less than 80 days (holiday) this summer."

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