Thursday, October 06, 2005

The New World Order

As George "The Chimp" Bush continues his quest for world domination and bonus share profits for himself and his Daddy's friends, another three countries seem to have had their names dragged into the whole mess - presumably because the people that live there aren't majority white.

Excerpt from BBC News

"Mr Bush says the insurgency in Iraq is part of a much wider strategy by al-Qaeda and other Islamic militants to end US influence in the Middle East and use the subsequent vacuum to try to topple governments.

Mr Bush identified Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan as countries where the militants believed they could eventually seize control."

OK, so I'm not saying that Egypt, Jordan or Pakistan have outstanding records of human rights, or that there might not be some "insurgents" or "Terror Cells", but how much of the world is The Chimp actually going to leave alone. On the same day that our good friend Cock Cheney has said that we "must be prepared to fight the war on terror for decades", Bush is bringing more countries into the firing line. Iran is certainly next on the US Shit List with North Korea probably running a close second - is it straight onto Egypt after that??? Or maybe they'll do over Vietnam once more for a laugh, or f*ck up the French for eating snails or something.

I'd be f*cking ashamed if I'd voted Bush....on either occasion!

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