Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Return

Wow, how slack have I been!! Not a single post since 24th October and nothing of even vague relevance since before then.

Firstly I will just briefly explain the last post before this one. Basically I saw that image thing on some site which said I could put it in my blog and it will pull pictures from my Flickr account. No, they aren't lying, it really does do that, but at the moment I have not uploaded any good pictures to my Flickr account and hence there are only four images of adverse weather conditions. I promise to try and put something more fun in there soon.

Anyway, I am currently sitting at work supposedly testing a system I have just launched. Only problem is that testing is perhaps the least favourite part of my job. I care so little about it that I am writing this instead of doing it and therefore taking the risk of getting shouted at my boss when, inevitably, a bug which i should have found during testing gets exposed by the client. I'm such a rebel!!

Truth is, it is a fucking pointless exercise getting the person that wrote a system to test it because by the time I've spent a month working on something, my brain is almost programmed not to do anything that might potentially break it. It isn't a deliberate move, just the way that a geeky programmer brain like mine works. It is just one of those things.

Surely I must be boring anyone reading this by now, I'm boring myself for fucks sake!!

Adios for now, will try to write something non work related and more amusing soon.

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