Friday, October 20, 2006

The Challenge

Inspired by fellow blogger JaG, I have decided to take part in NaBloPoMo. This means that I will have to blog every single day for the whole of November. This is going to be a serious challenge for me, but hey, this blogging ain't all glamour right!!

Let's have some bets now, who reckons I'm going to manage it. I'm going with a big fat "Yes no problem" but then I have always been a pretty optimistic person.



Anonymous said...

yeah now worries all you have to do is go: today i had eggs for breakfast.

plus if you miss a day you can fix the post date i don't think anyone is going to check on you EVERY day

Anonymous said...

if you manage it, then great, you've achieved something. If not, then you're a big phat loser!!
we're watching you.

not love from Smithers

Bradfields said...

Steve, that would be dull though. I do intend to try and write something at least vaguely informative or amusing every day. Think I may have to start planning a bit of material over the next week or so as I don't want it to become a personal diary of my rather mundane life.

JaG said...

Why not? That's what my blog is like! ;-)

Bradfields said...

It would go against my tag line 80)