Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Adoption

Reports today suggest that Madonna has adopted a one-year-old boy in Malawi. There have been numerous stories in the press over the last few days suggesting that this may happen and despite the fact that it has not been officially confirmed by Madonna, it does seem that this is a "done deal" so to speak.

Am I the only one who finds this whole "celebrity adoption" thing a little bit strange. I'm sure many people out there will argue that people like Angelina Jolie are doing a fine service to the World community, that they are really making a difference and that there example will lead many others to strive to achieve better things. I say bollocks.


Brad and Angelina - Saving the World Celeb Style

I can see it now, the publicist sat with Guy Richie and Madonna explaining what they should do

"Ohhh my gawd. You just have to get in on this new fad. It's the AA for non drunk celebs like yourselves - Adopt an African!! Just look what its done for Brad and Angelina, people have forgotten about him mistreating Jennifer, they're looked at as a proper Hollywood family. That's what you want right?? That's what you want!!"

And Madge will be sat there thinking "Maybe if I do this all those Christians will extend their forgiveness for my insensitive stage act and my performances in all those movies over the years. They might even forgive me for Evita!! It'll be just great for my PR!!"

The whole thing just reminds me of one of The Slobs sketches from the series Harry Enfield and Chums which my English friends may well remember.


"But Guy, I want a brown baby!"

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Anonymous said...

ha,ha thats exactly the quote i remembered when i read this story this morning.

"oh but wayne i wanna braaaan baby like all the 'udder mum's on d'estate"

As for Madonna she is going off the rails and needs to grow old with grace. Maybe she is adopting cause her snatch (excuse the pun) is as dry as Ghandi's flip flop.

Bradfields said...

The thing is she's already got two kids under 10 as well. Perhaps she could concentrate a bit on bringing them up instead of buggering off to Africa and neglecting them so that in a few years they'll be fucked up on drink and drugs paid for by mummy and daddy's money.

Mind you, then she'll be able to go on Oprah and whitter on about how hard it has been to have junkie kids - "but that's shobiz right!!"

Pleitegeiger said...

Well, honestly, it IS strange. Maybe they're just too busy to have sex like normal people? And think about the 9 months during which the actress is pregnant and grows fatter and fatter...
Adopting seems to be an easy way to have a child, stay thin and at the same time make yourself a do-gooder...

Damn. I don't know the series you're talking about :-(

Bradfields said...

So you reckon it's all a vanity thing. Interesting, I hadn't considered that.

I would therefore be able to understand Angelina Jolie not wanting to ruin that fine figure, but Madonna?? You'd think she should have got over that concern by now, I'm not imagining she goes on stage wearing cone bras anymore, or am I wrong?

Nicole said...

Nope, I hope she doesn't.

But isn't Madonna just too old to give birth? I heard about this 64-years-old Turkish lady who gave birth to a baby boy. But that's an exception that proves the rule. Normally women stop getting pregnant around their 40th birthday. So Madonna's already beyond help!

Besides that, adopting gives you a lot of publicity. So maybe there are some upcoming Madonna concerts, which are not sold out at all...? Or she releases a new single?

Bradfields said...

Exactly. She's just a media whore!

RC said...

how funny.

maybe Modonna gave birth to a Malawi baby a yaer ago and kept it a secret like TOm and Katie.

Bradfields said...

The plot thickens. But then who is the father??

Jimmy Hill said...

If its Wesley Snipes, you aint never gonna find out. As if $6m of tax evasion wasnt enough of a crime, add having sex to Madonna to the list

Anonymous said...

no worries ... her childern will all grow up to hate her just like the rest of the "hollywood" chidren. Then they will turn around and write a tell all book -- a la MOMMIE DEAREST.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why people have a problem with Madonna or anyone famous adopting. Whether you like her or not, and I suspect you guys hate Madge no matter what she does, isn't the child's well being what is important? I'll take Angelina wannabees over the Paris Hilton-like starlets, who don't even know what or where Malawi is.