Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Fibbies

A article on CNN today reports how thousands of FBI agents in America do not have access to email. Personally I find this quite shocking and thought there would be no way anyone could try and justify it. Obviously I was wrong and the FBI have tried with their main argument being "We just don't have the money".

Senator Charles Schumer stirred things up with a typically American attitude and immediately related the issue to terrorism saying "The FBI should have the tools it needs to fight terrorism and crime in the 21st century, most of all in New York City, and one of the most effective means of communications is e-mail and the Internet. FBI agents not having e-mail or Internet access is much too much a pre-9/11 mentality."

I was going to write my opinion on the matter but having read a few forums and message boards I found some much better points than the ones I was going to make, so here they are

"So let me get this straight, $9 billion goes missing in Iraq, the war has cost US taxpayers about $250 billion so far, oil companies have record profit$, our national debt ceiling was raised to $9 trillion and we can't afford to supply email to the FBI? What is going on? And, does anyone even care?"

"A pre-9/11 mentality?? Funny, I thought it was a pre-1995 mentality."

"In a world where secrecy is necessary, what you whisper goes unrecorded, but what you put in an email gets published just when you need it to never have been written down....With record keeping comes accountability... is it any wonder they don't write things down?"

"Why would they need their own email when they have access to everybody else's?"

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