Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Final Voyage?

One week from today I will be making what could be my last smoker's trip to Amsterdam. For the last five or so years I have been lucky enough to visit the motherland of the herb and get suitably off my face for a few days. However, those damn beaurocrats are up to there old tricks again and support is growing within Dutch government to cut down on the so called "drug tourism" and restrict access to coffeeshops to Dutch citizens only.

Most of this has come about because of pressure from the hippy Germans. They're getting upset because the teenage generation are heading toward Dutch villages close to the border to get wasted and then try to carry drugs back over the border. The sausage eaters are seriously getting on their high horse about the whole thing obviously not realising, like pretty much every other government on planet Earth, that going to a shop to buy your drugs is a damn sight safer than the alternative of buying from that dodgy bloke Barry you met in the pub last week. Kids are going to get drugs if they want them bad enough....FACT.

So, here is my appeal to the Dutch government (several members are regular readers of my blog of course) - Don't be fools. Before any rash decisions are taken think about the good that cannabis taxation does from your country, and where your country would be without it. Look at the fact that a smaller percentage of your 18-25 year olds partake in social drugs than ours in the UK, you aren't keeping anything from your people so why do they need to rush out and try it. It can't be all that if it's legal right?!?

I love Holland for its people's laid back attitude towards life and its liberal viewpoints, for its coffeeshops and smart shops. I don't love Holland for its food, sights and weather. Without your "drug tourism", tourism isn't really going to exist at all.

Do the right thing, keep the weed!

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