Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Rant

Today I have been in a really grumpy mood. I don't really know where it came from, nothing in particular wound me up to start me feeling this way, it was just the way I woke up feeling. It's not like I've been snapping and kicking off at everyone I have spoken to, in fact, I've had some good conversations and a few laughs with people at work, and then went out for lunch with some friends which was also enjoyable - none of these people have had to feel the wrath of my grumpiness, it is more the little things that have been sparking me off. Here are a few examples.

Scott Mills

Turned on the radio this morning to find that Chris Moyles is on holiday or something and so Scott Mills is doing his show instead. For those of you who don't know who Scott Mills is, he is an annoying twat who works on Radio 1 - that just about sums it up. Anyway, Mr. Mills particularly annoyed me this morning by continuously going on about how great the new Paris Hilton record is and about how she has a fantastic voice. Of course the opinion on her voice is based on the fact that he has heard her single which has no doubt either been completely remastered from her original recording or has someone else singing on it. Besides, who gives a fuck about anything that talent less whore does, anyone who is famous for being a slapper - Jordan, Abi Titmuss, Jodie Marsh, here's looking at you - can fuck off as far as I'm concerned, you don't have a real career and will never be considered as anything other than a pikey by people who actually have brains and don't watch Big Brother.

Charitable Donations via Text Message

This was also something on the radio that pissed me off. Currently the BBC is running a massive campaign for a charity called Sport Relief. As part of this appeal they are getting loads of people off TV and radio to do various sporting activities and people send in text messages make a donation. These text messages cost £1 of which 70p goes to charity. Now excuse me for seeming a little tight about this but where the fuck is the other 30p going? I can obviously accept that my mobile phone company will want their 12p and that's cool (although it would be nicer if they didn't charge for texts to charity lines) but then the other 18p goes where? It wouldn't be so bad apart from the fact that the BBC are blatantly taking the other wedge of this cash and we already pay £150 odd a year to have the BBC on our TV and Radio. So now it seems we're paying the BBC to encourage us to pay them some more. Why can't they just give the whole £1 (or 88p minus network charge) to charity, that way instead of having made £40,000 on the campaign I heard this morning they'd have made over £50,000 - that's a pretty big difference. I appreciate that they really need the money to pay that whittering old Irish fool Wogan but surely they can find the cash in slightly less immoral fashion!

Air Conditioning

While I was on holiday last week the fans in our office were replaced by two massive fat air conditioning units. Many long summers we have suffered in the sweltering heat of the summer as the few desk fans have tried to compete with the seven servers and fifteen pcs in the office, and so my boss decided enough was enough and bought the A/C.

Now I don't claim to be some sort of expert on the topic of air conditioning, but I would consider myself to have a reasonable amount of common sense and so when I arrived at work to see the air conditioning on and the front door to our office open I quickly pointed out that we were cooling down the stairs and corridor and that me sitting at my desk blowing would be a more effective cooling method. The next day and the day after the door was closed and we had couple of nice cool days. Yesterday however I turn up to find that the A/C has not been switched on and so the heat had already taken over the office so when I turned the A/C on it didn't manage to get control of the temperature all day.

Now this is fantastic, the story of the A/C today. Let me first point out that today it is reasonably hot in Leicester. It isn't as hot as it has been at times over the last week or two but the sun is out, it is a little muggy and there isn't a lot of wind. All this combined with all the computers mentioned previously leads to a fair old whack of heat in our office. So, you would have thought that the air conditioners would be blowing away happily today to make working life bearable, oh no. Two people in our office have got tonsillitis and instead of staying at home where they will safely not infect anyone, they have come to work. Due to this we have to have the A/C off today to stop the risk it getting spread around - I sit and sweat and despair!!

So that is just a few of the things that have been pissing me off today, plus my phone battery has just this second died to add to my day of fun. I apologise to anyone I have offended today with my bad attitude. But really I don't care, sometimes it is nice to be pissed off.


Steve said...

You clearly work with some very stupid people.

But at least you have air conditioning, i don't and to make it worse someone outside is having a BBQ and i am being tormented by the smell of sausages

Bradfields said...

It isn't much use if it isn't switched on though!!

Mmm, sausages. Our mate Rajiv will always sling a couple of sausages or a piece of bacon on the BBQ at the end of the day and jsut leaves it there so that the smell wafts up and down the neighbourhood and drives everyone insane. Maybe you're just being taunted right now!!

Nicole (Pleitegeiger) said...

We don't have air conditioning here... I'm about to melt :-(

I'd die for a nice BBQ on our beloved rooftop now. And some beer. And Coke Blak. Oh damn... I miss you guys!

Bradfields said...

Don't. Work sucks since I got back and being on holiday was so much better!!

Scarbelly said...

Aww diddums it must be so awful working in your office! You wouldn't last 5 mins in my job, shitty PC, no A/C, £1.30 for 2 sausage rolls from Greggs.

Steve was talking about that Coke Blak. I am right in thinking it's Coke with coffee in it? I hope not cos that sounds fooking disgusting!

Check out my lovely blog later on for a new posting www.thescarbelly.blogspot.com

Bradfields said...

You are indeed correct, I definitely couldn't work with a shitty pc and my addiction to Greggs sausage rolls would mean i would be flat broke if i lived in London.

Coke Blak is indeed coke with coffee and it is pretty damn tasty. Hopefully a UK release soon!?!

Looking forward to a new post, it has been a while!!

Scarbelly said...

The post is there but it's mainly just a rant about an article in the paper today

Steve said...

i'm going to do a coke blak post possibly tonight where i shall give you its full fantastic potential

matt you finished all yours, lyssa said it probably could be ordered on line as Timo loaded 2 palattes of the stuff into her car