Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Return (yes...again!!)

I know that I seem to go through this at least once every couple of months, I disappear, say nothing and then come back with promises of more regular blogging, amazing witty content and good will to spread to the world. I also know that it never happens...until this time!

I have recently spent some time with a bunch of people who take blogging and vlogging rather more seriously than me and up until this point I had never realised that the community was so large and had so much to say. I feel with the connections I have made I could make my words reach a few more people - scary thought huh! - and perhaps make this blog something more than just worktime amusement.

So, once again, Bradfields is back!!


Steve said...

one entry is hardly a come back, as i type i'm in Berlin and the people round me are putting u and me to shame with their blogs although i doubt any of them are as funny or probably as rude

Bradfields said...

Give me a fooking chance. The weekend was taken up with drinking and smoking and watching the final two games of the World Cup!!


Martina said...

Go for it. I'm Looking forward to read more great stuff as you did the last day in berlin. And ypu know what: I know some germans who will read your blog if you blog :-)

Bradfields said...

I'm not promising thought provoking content of that nature, more just back to my general life ramblings!!

Nicole (Pleitegeiger) said...

Yeah, please, go on blogging! I'm in :-)