Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Theft of a Nation

The Chimp and his pals have wound me up (again!!) in the last couple of days after announcements of their plans for "Cuban Democracy". Basically they have drawn up a plan which they intend to put into action as soon as Fidel Castro dies, this plan will apparently help the Cuban people in their "transition from repressive control to freedom".

I can't claim to have a huge knowledge of the Cuba - America situation. I was previously aware of things like the trade embargoes, the Cuban Missile Crisis and America trying to blow Castro up with a cigar, but that was it really. Today I have read all about the history of Cuba and about why the Americans seem to have a problem with Cuba and so I now feel I'm in a vague position to comment, apologies if you don't agree!!

I cannot see how America thinks it has any right to just decide that it is going to step in and "help out" Cuba once Castro dies. As far as I am aware, and from what I've read, there aren't thousands of Cuban residents calling out for the support of America. Ok so the Americans claim that the cubans are being oppressed, that they're too scared to speak out against Castro. The Cubans have a public health service and public education, tourism is constantly on the rise, they have some quality beaches and their country is pretty vibrant and multicultural. To me that sounds a shit load better than a fair few parts of the US, so why the need for US interference??

It seems to me that a lot of the anger America has towards Cuba is to do with the large number of people that fled Cuba and entered America during periods of instability between 1960 and the mid 1980s. Obviously being a bunch of country stealing immigrants themselves the Yanks aren't particularly keen on people moving to their country, it reflects the horrible truth about the way they gained control of their country and so they prefer to keep people out. Saying this, the immigration problem has declined significantly over the last ten years (probably because Cuba is a better place to live that the US!!) and so this can't really be upsetting the US too much right now.

So, the real reason of course is that Cuba is a communist state. Yep that's right, when Castro came to power and went looking for some help and support from other nations the Yanks were pretty quick to tell him to bugger off so he just went to the Russians instead. They were more than happy to help out and so Cuba as we know it today was born. Obviously rhe thought of having a place so close to the US, and especially the place that homes their favourite prison, that is in cahoots with the Commies is just too much!

For me America needs to back up, sit down and shut the fuck up, They have already got themselves involved in two spiralling conflicts and are spending money faster than a dying man at a buy one get one free hooker fest. And they should perhaps looking at some of the ongoing problems in the US - you think New Orleans is ok now??? - before they start worrying about Cuba.


Steve said...

If they claim Cuba that only leaves the damn Ruskies left. And if they get taken over there will be now more James Bond movies and who would need saving ...

Scarbelly said...

Personally I believe that they're still pissed that the Cubans allowed the Russkis to put missiles in place on Cuba and point them at the US. Plus Cuba has a big tourism industry and if the US take charge a lot of people who see Cuba as a dangerous place will be mor inclined to go there. Anything the Yanks do is down to the Benjamins and/or revenge.