Monday, July 31, 2006

The Races

This weekend I went to Diamond Day at Ascot Racecourse. The day is a fantastic affair with lots of free beer and food and its a good chance to catch up with some of my old work colleagues from London (who are the fabtastific chaps who invited me!)

I'm not actually that into horse racing and so for me the day is definitely a good chance to do some socialising as I don't really get distracted by all the people losing their money. I was one of those people the first time I went, and ended up losing too much money, so this year I had one bet, lost, and so stopped. Very sensible I thought!

I'm not going to whitter on too much, I'm just going to post a few pictures.


eBitches I & II looking sharp as ever!


Seriously officer, I haven't had a drop


Saw this on Sunday when I still had a hangover, it made me smile!


Nicole (Pleitegeiger) said...

Wow, that suit suits you ;-)

Steve said...

Trinny & Susannah say: i think the tie and shirt colour were too complimentary although vertical stripes can hid the state of beer bellies

Scarbelly said...

Looks like a bit of a nonce if you ask me.

"Hello princess, would you like a sweetie?"

Steve said...

"would you like something to suck on?"

Bradfields said...

Scarbelly, you expect me to take any sort of fashion tips from you. I think not.

I was going to wear a less complimentary tie but it had diagonal stripes and it didn't seem to work.

Steve said...

I sent Jaime the link and she liked ur shirt and tie

Bradfields said...

So that's positive comments from Jamie and Nicole - the only two women to comment - I rest my case about not listening to Scarbelly!!

Martina said...

I like your style as well sexy Matt :-) You look great in a suit - but maybe I don't count

Bradfields said...

Bradfields wins!!