Friday, November 03, 2006

The Creativity

What the fuck is going on?? When did art become some sort of crazy bullshit where you can just splodge some paint on a canvas and people will pay a ridiculous amount of money for it?? Where did I go wrong?? Should I have been in the crowd sploding the paint?? Would I be richer now if I had?

I drink in a bar where they like to have what they would describe as "modern art" on the walls, we're talking plain white canvases with slightly raised white bumps, random pin boards with string randomly scattered all over the place, anything. Generally the art forms part of a student project but still, is this really the best that our new generation can come up with?? Is there no true creativity anymore?? Do they really have to do something so obscure that people stand, look, and say "what the fuck is that??" just to make an impact??

Whatever happened to real art? What happened to still life? What's wrong with a good old portrait nowadays??

I hate to sound old fashioned but I just don't believe in all this new age shit. I'm not a great art lover in general, but I'd still rather see a picture that someone has painted of a beautiful countryside scene than a random collection of colour that someone has thrown together with a really inventive title such as "Life in a cage" or "Spunk on a hotel bed". Give me strength. This shit is whack!

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