Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Divide

The Watford Gap is, without a doubt, one of the most famous locations in the UK. As the most recognisable marker on the border between England and Scotland it is a place of great legend and mystery, and is the centre of a lot of jokes and banter between those in 'The North' and those in 'The South'.

From Wikipedia - "Those living north of the Watford Gap claim that it is the point where humour, humility and humanity begins. Southerners respond by claiming that it is the line where well being, self respect and spirit end."

Originally the site of an important coaching inn, 'Da Gap' as it is know to modern youth, has witnessed numerous significant events over the years. Those events include the Inn Keeper being the first to master both the English and Scottish languages, that speech by the Braveheart bloke when he had his face painted blue and white, and the first Scotland v England drinking competition. The drinking competition is particularly interesting as it was won by the English. This was an unexpected result and led to all Scots giving their children Scotch Whiskey from birth in an attempt to toughen them up. Scientists have not conclusively proved it, but this is generally credited as the reason 99% of Scots now have more than a slight drinking problem.


Forget what all those maps say. Bradfields' Brain tells it like it really is!

Now the home of the finest service station on the M1 motorway, where coffee only costs £2.75 a cup, The Watford Gap is a place I would implore all guests in the UK to visit. One important point to remember however, if crossing from England into Scotland you must remember to take some coal to spend as the pound was abolished by the Scots in 1962.


JaG said...

Thanks for that game!!

Bradfields said...

no worries, it drove me mad!!!

I'll post some more links for you at some stage.

Anonymous said...

It is also the divide between the royalty of london folk and the peasantry of other towns

Jimmy Hill said...

How dare you talk of the royalty of london folk, you're a haggis eating cabre tosser yourself!!