Monday, September 05, 2005

The Beginning

Monday...and I'm in work in the morning?? What the hell is going on??

Normally i don't like to work Monday mornings, they annoy me and put me on the wrong foot for the rest of the week. Unfortunately however today i had to come in and do something for one of our clients so i am in work and bored.

Didn't do much at the weekend, just ate and drank and sat around a lot. We had a BBQ which was pretty sweet but i ate far too much steak and chicken and I am still feeling pretty bloated from it all today.

I didn't bother to watch the England v Wales World Cup Qualifier as i often find England matches to be really boring. Don't think this one would have made me change my mind. How the hell the English Press can think we have any sort of chance of winning the World Cup is beyond me, especially when we watched Brazil destroy Chile 5-0 last night and they looked class (although i missed some of the goals). That's what England should be doing to smaller teams, not just getting a 1-0 win, which i understand could easily have been 1-1!!

I watched The Color of Money yesterday but where we'd recorded it off Sky+ we missed the end so having sat through two hours i didn't get to see the end which was a tad annoying. Then, my PS2 started to cock up while we were watching Operation Good Guys and we couldn't watch half an episode of that either. Obviously i wasn't meant to be my day for watching TV.

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