Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Hurt and Anguish

Feeling pretty pissed off today for several reasons.

Firstly I managed to pull my groin...again...playing five-a-side last night and so consequently walking / climbing stairs /coughing / sneezing are all rather uncomfortable today. And as this is the second time I've had to give up mid match in the last two weeks I am aware that it is likely to cost me three weeks to a month in recovery time if i don't want to completely do myself in. This is pissing me off even more than the pain!

Secondly we lost at football 6-3 which meant my injury was even more pointless.

Thirdly, I'm still having to do too much work. Following my rant (see 'The Smackdown') I have obviously managed to avoid a bollocking for the fact that this project isn't finished, but that doesn't mean i am having to work any less. I'm under strrict instruction to finish certain sections by tomorrow so that they can be tested but i really can't be arsed. Plus, once it gets to 5:30 and the boss goes home i know the temptation to go home for a big fat reefer and fuck it all off will become very tempting. The force is not strong in me and i am weak to the temptations of the dark side!!

And finally, my last reason for my poor mood is that i have been a little hungover today. I know that there isn't really anyone to blame for this but myself. If i hadn't gone out and had five pints of Kronenbourg before dinner last night then i would probably be feeling a lot better. Even a dirty Greggs binge at lunch didn't relieve the hangover stomach. More lager when i get out of this hell hole seems like the only solution!

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