Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Tax Dodgers

It's official, the students have returned to Leicester! Like a plague of locusts they arrive and sweep every shop dry of bread, milk and beer within 48 hours before settling into a steady four month drinking binge.

I'd like to say that I haven't grown bitter and envious of students and their lay about lifestyle but the fact is, I have! It pains me on a day to day basis especially when I see flyers everywhere for "£1 a pint" on a Wednesday evening when drinking ten pints midweek is completely unfeasible for anyone who works. Why can't they have it on Friday and Saturday too!!

Having missed out on a cheap Wednesday drink through work commitments it then ticks me off even more when i have to step my way round four pavement pizzas on my way to work. It's bad enough that the lightweights are chucking back up the Smirnoff Ice (often the drink choice of
Freshers who don't want to get too wasted in front of their new friends) they've been drinking, but the places in which they throw up are even more unacceptable. Outside our front gate, outside the entrance to the shop, right next to a pedestrian crossing where everyone stands to cross the road. What is wrong with the little f*ckers?? Whatever happened to puking in bus stops and telephone boxes - places mainly used by students and OAPs anyway - and they pay less tax than us so who cares if their public services are slightly tarnished.

So listen up students. Keep it off the streets! We don't need you to shout at the top of your voices at 3am just so we can tell how drunk you are, it's not big or clever, and you certainly ain't either!

I think I'm getting old!!

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Steve said...

Let it go mate, those happy days are gone forever. The new dream is work for the next 40 years!!!!