Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Jumper

Good news for my friend Jimbo today, I have finally procured a large envelope in which to send him back what you would think (from the texts / phone calls) was his most valuable possession.

The item, a navy blue jumper boldly emblazened with a picture of a Nazi car, was left at our house after Jimbo's visit a few months ago and he has been campaigning to have it returned ever since. Attempts to get it posted back by Becky, who would actually have remembered, were thwarted by me refusing to give up the jumper as I wanted to sell it on eBay. However I have now decided that I should return it.

The envelope, a large, white, padded one, will be making its way home this evening leaving the following outstanding tasks to be completed

  • Locate Jimbo's address on the noticeboard
  • Write address on envelope
  • Find jumper
  • Put jumper in envelope
  • Take envelope (containing jumper) to the Post Office

With it only taking about 90 days to find an envelope I anticipate the jumper arriving back in Third Reich Norwich sometime in the next 8-12 months.


Jerome Jackson said...

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Jimbo said...

Das ist gut.

This is a monumentous day for all involved.

By the way, I have my suspicions about that Jerome Jackson fella, not sure that he's got the interests of The Quest to get Jimbo's Top Back at heart.

Steve said...

yeah and you can send back my dvd an all. To think i believed Pete to be the only Gypsy amongst us - "squatters rights mate"