Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Slackness

Well, I've been very very slack again in keeping up with my blog. It's damn hard to even remember to write something never mind actually trying to write something vaguely interesting.

I've was up at my parents at the weekend so didn't do much exciting. Just chilled out, ate lots of tasty food and read and slept a lot. Drove back down to sunny Leicester on Sunday to play football; the tigerish Evington FC were victorious once again, 3-1 winners over yet another strangely named team - Toyoda Gosei!!

At work now and having a pretty hectic week, got loads done yesterday thought which has lifted the pressure enough for me to at least be able to doss about a bit!!

I'm about half way through a piece about our wonderful National Health Service so will try and finish it at some point this week. I'm gonna have to make it good now I've mentioned it!!

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