Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Chiefs

Feeling much better now i've eaten. Went for a Cajun Chicken cob (that's a roll to anyone not from Leicester) and a cheese + ham bake from Greggs. I never feel 100% right about eating food from Greggs as it is so cheap that it seems there must be something a bit dirty about it, but it tastes so damn good and it is quality for soaking up alcohol after a night on the lash.

I've just read a rather disturbing article that says the Kaiser Chiefs are favourites to win the Mercury Music prize. Why???? My personal opinion is that they are probably the most annoying band on the face of the planet at this time. I hate everything about them, the way they dress, the songs they sing, their fans.

Exhibit A - The Kaiser Chiefs - Nob Jockeys

Just look at them for Christ's sake - what a bunch of muppets. And what it the style they are trying to pull off here?? The bunch of twats in uncoordinated cheap suits look?? Tossers, f*cking tossers! And to make things worse they are standing in front of a board with the word NME on it. I wonder how many blow jobs have been received by members of the Kaiser Chiefs from employees of the NME?? To be honest I reckon that is where a lot of this hatred came from, the fact that the NME gives them big respect. I pretty much despise anyone who i hear the NME like these days (The Darkness and that junkie scum from the Libertines for example). If I had a band and was famous I'd sooner have a convicted nonce promoting us than get endorsements from the NME.

Breathe...breathe...ok, rant over. They are sh*t though, and even more annoying than those mincers in the Scissor Sisters.

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